What's Inside?

 Great question, we thought you would never ask! In each of our boxes you will receive 3 (5ml) glass bottles of 100% Authentic name brand fragrances, encased inside beautiful aluminum atomizers, along with a description of your 3 scents. 

Your box will contain enough for 2-4 sprays, twice a day for an entire month! So you won't ever have to worry about running out!

BONUS: Included in every box is a $15 off shop offer that can be used to purchase a full-sized bottle of your favorite cologne. This makes the box practically free—which is a solid investment.    

2-4 Sprays, twice a day for an entire month!

Enjoy 3 (5ml) glass bottles of 100% Authentic designer brand fragrances. The box will contain enough for 2-4 sprays, twice a day for an entire month! So you won't ever have to worry about running out!


100% Authentic, Designer brand fragrances

Try the best fragrances on the market without having to pay top dollar for them! With brands like Versace, Chanel, Gucci, Dolce and Gabana, and so many more, you'll always smell like a million bucks!


Finding your favorite scent is what we do...

How It Works

1. Select your box

Choose our men's or women's subscription box. Each box comes with 3 (5ml) glass bottles of 100% authentic designer brand fragrances. These also make unique gifts for a special person in your life!

2. We curate your box

We will select three fragrances from 100% authentic, designer name colognes and perfumes. You will also have a chance to win a full size bottle of one of these fragrances each month!

3. Enjoy monthly scents

You will be introduced to the top fragrances on the market every month! Get ready for the compliments to start rolling in! Who knows... you may even meet your future spouse, but we can't guarantee that :)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! Absolutely no commitments, you can always cancel at any time or you can skip a month by simply logging into your account and click edit subscriptions.

How often will my subscription be re-billed?

Your subscription will be re-billed every month on the date that you purchased.

Are the colognes and perfumes authentic?

Yes! Both the Colognes and Perfumes are 100% Authentic, and all Designer Brands! We ship brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren,  Dolce and Gabana,  Versace,  Burberry,  Gucci,  Dior,  Chanel,  Georgio Armani,  and more.

What is the box like?

We ship the scents in a very minimalistic disposable cardboard box, because lets be honest, more than likely it will end up in the recycling bin anyways! But in all fairness it's not the box you'll be wearing. Inside the Box is where the Magic Happens! Inside you will find 3 (5ml) bottles of Cologne or Perfume depending on what subscription you ordered. Inside you will also receive a card telling you about each of the scents that were selected for your box and discount codes for our shop.

How do I know I'll love all the scents?

We'd like to think that we can always choose the right scents that you're guaranteed to love...But unfortunately there is a chance you may dislike a scent that we send you. We will do everything we can to send you the ones we believe that you'll love. We ship the most popular highest rated colognes and perfumes on the market, therefore chances are pretty good you'll love it!

Can I purchase the big versions of the bottles you send me?

OF COURSE you can! All the scents we send are available in full size bottles. Once you find a scent that you KNOW for sure you want, head on over to our online store here!

Can I send a subscription as a gift?

Yes! Actually, these make great gifts. Both Men and Women subscription boxes can be sent as a gift. You can even send them a full size bottle from our online store if you already know their favorite scents.  Click here!

Are you ready to subscribe to Boxed Scents?